Nutri - Cel

Nutri-Cel is one of the most valuable yeast powders produced by yeast of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients, and promotes the growth of useful bacteria. With 42% crude protein content, low fat content of 6%, so it's a perfect ingredient all year round! It is considered as an amazingly high vitamin B, mineral, high protein, and complete amino acid supplement. It has a unique yeast cell wall that improves the immunity of aquatic animals and enhances the ability to fight against stress. Many people whisper this is the most important and "secret ingredient" of some highly acclaimed carp baits because of its unique and distinctive yeast flavor, it incredibly stimulates the feeding of carp!
Nature of the product: yellow-brown fine dusty powder, characteristic and strong yeast - meaty flavor, approx. 80% - 85% water-soluble!
Dosage 20 - 40g / kg
Price 5,51 €

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