Fluoro Pineapple Pop-Up Boilie

Fluoro Pineapple Pop-Up Boilie

Strong coloured fluoro pop-up boilie which can help us a lot in clear waters. It lifts up the bait from the ground of the lake and helps to highlight it form the other boilie balls. The flavour of this bait is the legendary Pineapple & N-Butyric Acid combination completed with a tiny bit sweeteners. It is proven the most effective and quickest smell and taste combination which can helps us a lot during short fishing tours as well. If you put it together with mussel or fish boilies as snowman you can be very successful.

 Suggestion: You can sculpt it even strange shapes to create the critical balanced bait. It can be the right choice to big mine lakes or water reservoir lakes.

Price: 6,48 €

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