C.S.L. Pellet

A top quality product in 8mm, that is our C.S.L. pellet.  This pellet contains all the proteins, aminos and oils which stimulates the carp eating process. Thanks for the special manufacturing procedure beside the high percent of protein, aminos and vitamins this pellet has a fast breakdown time. It has a very typical fermented C.S.L. smell and taste which is a carp magnet. This pellet could be your help when you are fishing short period of  time in autumn and spring. The pellets efficiency could be increased using any type of liquids on it. 
The 3 and 5kg C.S.L. pellet box, includes gratis a 100 - 250ml C.S.L. Liquid!

Protein: 260g/kg, Lyzin: 9.5g/kg Methionin: 5.8g/kg, Threonin: 9.6g/kg, Tryptophan: 1.9g/kg
Price 2,46 €

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