Salmon Oil High Quality - Norway​

Salmon oil is the concentrated source of antioxidants and natural energies and it’s increasing the nutrient value of every kind of bait. It has typical salmon smell and its Omega 3 fatty acid content is very high. It gives more power to the fishes and makes the digestibility bettor of your bait. It has so low pour point so it can help you during the whole year. It can be used perfectly for flavoring a stick-mix because it doesn’t solve the PVA mesh. Suggested dosages: 20-40ml/kg.
Suggestion: If you use Special carp or Trout pellets as feeding material the best you can do is to soak them into the salmon oil 24 hours before the fishing tour. After this treatment, in the water the small oil drops from the pellets collecting carps from the surface or from the whole water column. It’s guaranteed to increase the appetite of carps.
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