Minamino - Original

This famous amino acid is coming from England most reputable company in this market. This is the source of valuable nutrients and it contains liquid liver and spleen extract, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The typical, slightly raspberry flavor, the very high nutrient value and the lots and lots of different amino acids makes this product immediately recognizable for carps. No doubt, this is the most successful high amino acid level, not oil based, product what has ever been used in history of carp fishing. PVA mesh is not solved by this liquid material. Suggested dosages:  20-40ml/kg.

Suggestion: You use the fantastic Minamino in the most effective way if you soak your bait into this product a few days before the fishing tour. After this treatment, in the water, free amino acids and attractive materials will flow out steadily from your bait and that’s how it will be irresistible for carps.

Price 4,94 €

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