Liquid Liver Extract

Over the years, this thick and special fish attractor has become one of the favorite materials among the European and English carp anglers. No doubt, this sensational all-around liver juice is the most popular and most successful liquid product what is used by carp anglers. It can be used for boilie production, flavoring pellets, create method or stick-mixes or even you can soak your ready-made boilies into it. With the usage of this material you can reach bait in very low fish intensity periods as well. Premium quality! Suggested dosages: 20-30ml/kg.

Suggestion: In case of very muddy lakebed, the best you can do is to soak you boilies into this thick liquid product minimum 24 hours before you use them plus scatter some liver powder on them. After you drop the bait into the water on the muddy ground fishes can find easily your hook bait because of the very intensive flavor cloud.

Price 3,05 €

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