Corn Steep Liquor

The corn step liquor was treasured liquid bait among the carp anglers. Today everyone can use it but it’s still one of the most effective plant-based natural liquid attractor. This thick and high amino acid content liquid material has very unique taste and it’s not diluted with any other product or flavoring material. Guaranteed it’s a real carp magnet! You can use it to make more effective pellets method mix, cooked seed mix. PVA mesh is not solved by this liquid material.

Suggestion: Add 20 ml of C.S.L, 20 ml of Liquid Anchovy Concentrate and your favorite flavor to 4-6 pcs eggs, then mix it with the boilie base mix and you will get very effective bait. Or simply soak your ready-made boilie into this liquid and you will dramatically increase the effectivity of your bait.

Price 3,18 €

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