N-Butyric Acid

The most unsocial and the most effective SMELL from all the carp food flavours! It is produced from simple butyric acid with hydrolysis. The N-butyric Acid is a 100% natural organic acid which has strongly sour main and slightly sweet background taste. The smell of this product is very strong and sticky. It’s mostly perceptible in the bait after the cooking or steaming. Very interesting but carps can identify it 1000 times faster than the humans in the same dosages. You can increase the effectivity of your bait during the whole year with the butyric acid but this product is the most successful in warm water. You can use it as main flavour in 10-20 drops/kg dosages, but its effect as a background flavour is really incredible.
Suggested dosages: 5-20 drops / kg
(20 drops=0,5 ml)
Price 6,25 €

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