Black Pepper essential oil

This essential oil is produced from a n Indian climber plant with distillation process. It makes your hoo kbait more attractive in case of every water temperature and in every kind of boilies. This classic oil is the favourite one, for a lot of carp anglers. It behaves the best as a background flavour in a fish-mussel boilie.
Suggested dosages: 0.5-1ml / kg
(20 drops=0,5ml)
Suggestion: For spicy baits, you can combine it with garlic essential oil: 1 ml/kg Black Pepper, 3-5 drops/kg Garlic oil and 80-100 g Robin Red (Haith’s). That’s how you can make you bait more efficient. For fruity - sweet boilies the best mixture is 0,5-1 ml/kg Black Pepper oil, 10-15 drops N-Butyric Acid.
Price 11,63 €

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