Spicy Fish Boilie - Bucket

This is spicy bait can make you very successful on every kind of water even in very low fish intensity periods. The base of this boilie is the so effective Spicy / Fishmeal mix. The unique taste and smell of this bait is given by a special spice mix plus chili and garlic powder a bit of liver powder and several kinds of fishmeal. To make this carp-feed easily digestible we put fine grinded birdfood in it. The main attractor of course is 100g original Haith's Robin Red in every kilogram of this boilie. The unique; slightly sweet but spicy taste has magnetic effect on carps. You can be very successful with this bait from early spring to late fall. Flavoured with the original NHDC sweetener.

The red colour of the baits is given by the original Robin Red and the chilli powder.

Price 40,32 €

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