Pearl Boilie - Bucket

Pearl Boilie - Bucket

There have been almost two years of testing and countless variations for what the boilie Pearl name won in its final form. The result is a unique bait, which is very difficult to classify into a certain category, because it does not fit the fishy, the bird food or the carbohydrate qualifier. Today's latest and most attractive water-soluble extracts, as well as high-quality and key ingredients have been designed to reinforce each other's strength. Pearl boilie abound in vital amino acids, so it has over-the-top activity and extra fast digestibility, while positively stimulating the feeding. For the pleasantly creamy-sweet and interesting background smells a very unique and delicious yeast-spicy flavor coupled with an instant nutrition reaction for carps. Actually in all water temperature is effective and attractive for carps.

Price: 37,85 €

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