G.L.M. / Anchovy Boilie

The base mix of this bait is the sensational Mussel/Spirulina mix which contains Pre-digested fishmeal plus Krill and Squid meal as well. The renewed boilie, from now on, contains more New-Zeeland G.L.M. powder extract (40g/kg), and a sensational thick component, the Anchovy extract which gives strongly salty fish taste to the bait. The cattle liver powder, the HD-200 extract, the Spirulina algae together creates a natural and very effective attractor combination. Shy cars will identify this green coloured boilie as a natural feed, so you can cheat the biggest ones as well. We offer this boilie to specimen hunters who would like to catch the giant fishes of a lake. You can be very successful with this bait from late spring to late fall.

The green colour of the baits is given by the Spirulina algae and the New-Zeeland G.L.M. extract.

Price 13,86 €

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