Top Force Base Mix

This outstanding quality base mix is totally different than the regular mixes. Fine quality fishmeal, marine creatures’ extracts is 55% of this product. A Top Force mix does not contain kind of milk proteins what make hardly digestible your bait. This well balanced boilie mix has high nutrient value and you can reach outstanding results with it also in short or long term carp fishing tours. Strongly fishy mussel and liver taste and smell causes continuous eating stimulus at carps during the whole year.

Pre-Digested Fish meal, Shrimp meal, Tuna Fish meal, Squid meal, Krill meal, G.L.M Extract, Liver powder, L.T. 94 Fish meal, Prosecto Insectivorous, B-10 Complex, etc. makes the bait fantastic digestible and high amino acid content.

Price 9,27 €

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