Special / Birdfood Base Mix

This product is the mixture of the most attractive special bird foods and 15% of tigernut meal. Basic ingredients are the fantastic Nectarblend, Prosecto, PTX, Hemp meal and a bit Super Red. The added sweet biscuit grind and yeasts and vitamelo in the right ratio makes our boilie mix very effective during the whole year. Piece structure of this mix helps to efflux the flavours, attractors from the baits. Its very easy digestibility and slightly sweet, creamy taste has great impact on carps in cold water as well. You can use it from early spring to late fall with many kind of flavour combination.

Main ingredients: Nectarblend, Prosecto, PTX, Super Red, tiger nut meal (150g/kg) Fatty soya meal, Vitamelo, sweet biscuit, yeast, liver powder...

Price 9,27 €

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