Stick & Bag mix Complex - Spicy Fish & Liver

We can be successful in case of low fish intensity with this special stick mix. It contains soluble fish protein extract, G.L.M. extract, carb meal, Robin Red, barm, micro pellet, tuna meal, silkworm cocoon meal, chili powder and some other attractors. To reach the possible most “aggressive” eating instinct, you can find 100ml fish, meat and liver flavored liquid booster. The booster has very high amino acid level plus a canned tuna fish meat can be found in the package as well. Mix all ingredients you find in the package, fill the mixture into a PVA bag or net and you get a stick mix favored by carps. After we put the PVA package into the water together with hooklink, the stick mix starts to work and a very strong scent cloud appearing around our bait. That’s how we can mislead the shiest carps in the lake! Right balance of amino acid, salts and sweetener help us to reach some bait in very low fish intensity periods. No doubt, this material is attracting carps to the bait area!!!
 Solids: 340g, Liquid booster: 100ml, Tuna meal can: 60g Total weight: 500g
Price 9,14 €

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