Stick & Bag mix Complex - Belachan & Shrimp

The mix is completed with the famous belachan and shrimp extract which has natural and strong smell. Thanks to the carefully selected several water soluble raw materials this stick mix guaranteed attractive for carps. Additionally you can find in the package 100ml thick and strongly belachan taste liquid booster and 60g tuna meat can. Mix all the ingredients and fill the mixture into a PVA bag or net and you get a stick mix favored by carps. After we put the PVA package into the water together with hooklink, the stick mix starts to work and a dark colored, very strong scent cloud appearing around our bait. This dark colored cloud reduces to minimum the chance for carps to shy and to escape from our bait. No doubt, this material is attracting carps to the bait area!!!

Solids: 340g, Liquid booster: 100ml, Tuna meal can: 60g Total weight: 500g

Price 9,14 €

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